-Spaces Gallery Valentines 

fundraiser show (2005)
-Brandt Gallery, Black White & Grey solo show (2006)
-The Edge Gallery (2006)
-Ingenuity Festival (2006)
-Doubting Thomas Gallery (2006)​ 



-Delaware Valley Arts Alliance

Gallery Narrowsburg, NY
Love Always (2012)
-Hamilton Street Gallery
Bound Brook, NJ
Anatomy of a Chair (2013)
-Redtree Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
Reds (2014)
-Nave Gallery; Boston, MA
This into That (2015)

-Abakanowicz Creative Fellowship / Residency at Mildred's Lane, Pennsylvania (2021)

-The Mildred Complex(ity)

Silver - Iron - Light (Fall 2021)

​-Create Gallery; Catskill, NY
Selects (Winter 2021-22)

Annual Events

-Arts Gowanus Open Studios 
  semi-annually since 2009
-Arts PSWT Open Studios
  semi-annually since 2013
-Open Source Gallery, Soup Kitchen
  annually in December since 2013
-NY Adventure Club's UrbExpo
annual pop-up art experience (art director / lead curator) since 2014-18


2013 interview on traditional collage work


exhibition history

Rich Garr is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. Broad interests in connecting art and history surface in his work. Whether site-specific wheatpasted paper memorials, traditional collage, or in a walking tour format— it’s all a form of collage. 

Early on, Rich worked as a teaching artist at the Cleveland Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum. Later he freelanced as a guide and artist educator around NYC at places like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Lefferts Historic House, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He enjoys working with kids, and for a long time taught them photography and darkroom techniques at a Lower East Side community center. There, neighborhood photo walks branched into gallery and art studio visits geared towards his adult mixed-media students. Since that time he has fully integrated walking into his art in both practice and product. He enjoys inspiring others to find their own creative platforms, and is especially eager to facilitate under-represented voices and activism. Community engagement is now a large part of his art practice. This includes public, creative investigations of Gowanus every 2nd Saturday of the month. These walks are collaborative with other local artists and like-minded groups like the Gowanus Dredgers. They are open air explorations of communities featuring ALL art on the streets- including graffiti, murals, infrastructure and architecture- contextualized from multiple angles. Connections on walks occasionally feature his Street Art History memorial plaques, but are not curated around them. They are unscripted multisensory four-dimensional collage happenings. Some call them walking tours. Some call them “Gotham SideWalks.”

New York City


-Fordham University Gallery,

Lincoln Center; undergraduate solo show  The Glassblower Bar & Grill

in 2002, & alumni art show in 2008

-Educational Alliance Rubenstein Gallery, a few Art School staff shows

-Brooklyn Museum staff exhibit (2007)

-AGAST Gowanus Art Walks (2010 - 2012)

-Greenpoint Gallery, Small Works (2012)

-Pratt fundraiser Cards for Chris (2012) 

-Brooklyn Museum GOS Open Studio (Gowanus, 2012) 

-BGI Gallery, Brooklyn Stacked & Sorted  solo show (2013)

                * see video below 

-Local Project Gallery, Exquisite Collage (2014)

-Local Project Gallery, the bad the good the beautiful the ugly, part 1 (2014) 

-Rich Garr: Analog Collage, OS Cafe, solo show (2015 / 2016)
-Brooklyn Art: Micro-Retrospectives group show curated by Rich Garr, Supercollider Cafe (2016)

-Lesley Heller Gallery, Holiday Salon 2015, Lower East Side, Manhattan

-Street Art History Plaque series (2015-ongoing) in the streets of NYC

-Art Slope artist & lead curator of visual arts (2016) 

-Monu-Momental café group show at Chocolateria, Park Slope (2017)

-Suds Salon featured artist (2017)

-Site: Brooklyn (2018)

Mixed Media group show juried by Gracie Mansion

-La Bodega Gallery; RE:RE:RE: patterns (2018)

-SEDIMENT project; As Above, So Below 

at Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse (May-July 2019)​

-La Bodega Gallery, Patterns

-Reclaiming the Hall group show at Bronx Community College

(Sept. 2019)

-"Vessels" photo mono prints,

Roots Cafe (Winter 2019 / 2020)​​

​-The Art of Coney Island group show at BWAC, (Red Hook) Brooklyn (Summer 2021)