Vessels series featured @ Roots Café. Closing Reception 12/8, 5-7pm with poetry by fellow exhibitor PJ Corso, & music.Winter 2019 

Open Source Gallery

Gowanus Residency

Opening art walk & reception May 4th 

Spring / Summer 2019 

"As Above, So Below"group show- part of a 5 venue Gowanus Sediment exhibition

May 11 - July 7, 2019

Sedgwick Ave. Bronx art walk & Street Art History Plaques to BCC Hall of Fame for "Reclaimng the Hall" exhibition

(collaboration w/ Howard Skrill) 

Walk / Opening Sept. 21, 2019

UrbExpo 2020 [curating]

Jefferson Market Library NYPL, Greenwich Village

[library renovation 2019]

  RECENT WORK  * inquire for details


"Arranging and rearranging is what our brains do all day. In my studio I do the same thing using a magnetic board and stacks of refuse. Images, artifacts, and paint are layered with texture and context. Found objects are re-fashioned into art objects using styles of the great modernists. My materials are whatever surrounds me: abstract ideas like feminism or wealth; places where I have lived and the people around me; the reality of gravity and the desire for weightlessness; and tangible things like clothing and wood. They are universal feelings wrapped in reference and labeled as art."