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Hoping to nudge truth & beauty into your busy schedule. 

Mining history to help navigate the present. 

Matching traditional collage art forms with storylines that warrant amplification. 




Gowanus "residency"

@ Sideboard

Visit during deli hours thru November

Fundraiser for Open Source Gallery here &  Group Exhibition @ Create in Catskill, NY

Nov. 12 - Jan. 16, 2022

ArtsPSWT Fall Salon

BWAC (Red Hook), Brooklyn 
10/3 - 11/7 2021

Abakanowicz Creative Fellowship / Residency at Mildred's Lane, PA June 2021;

Contributing artist in "Silver - Iron - Light" exhibition in

Fall 2021

The Art of Coney Island, BWAC (Red Hook), Brooklyn 
Summer 2021

Gowanus Night Heron: 1-night-only 20 artist event along the Gowanus Canal, complete with a specialty art walk 6/21/21

"Artists at Home" (video archived here) 

hosted by Open Source Gallery on 9/15/20

STREET / ART walks in Brooklyn every 2nd Saturday of the month (collaboration w/ Gowanus Dredgers); and occasional Lower East Side, Manhattan walks. Ongoing

Vessels series featured @ Roots Café with poetry by PJ Corso & music.

Winter 2019

Gowanus Residency

Open Source Gallery.

Spring / Summer 2019

"As Above, So Below" group show- part of a 5 venue Gowanus "Sediment" exhibition.

Spring / Summer 2019

Sedgwick Ave. Bronx walk & Street Art History Plaques, BCC Hall of Fame for "Reclaiming the Hall" exhibition

(collaboration w/ Howard Skrill).

Fall 2019